Thursday, February 23, 2017

Demon Slaying.

You think you've slayed one demon you've slayed them all. Nope. I was just over coming one obstacle at a time. I was so proud of myself for standing up for truth. You don't get a crash course on loving yourself where I come from, and just because we went to church didn't mean we knew how to put any of it into play. We played the church game. What I mean by that is we didn't know what it really looked like to allow the relationship we had with Jesus to cause any rational actions on our part. Just the church face, but no real loving behavior. What does loving behavior look like? Or what am I referring to. I mean acting like we gave a crap about our entire body, mind, soul, and then applied that self love to all other living creatures. Picture that for a moment. Just breathtaking. I would give anything for at least a family tree that did that. I believe we could affect the world in a real tangible way if we began with ourselves then taught every child that was born to do the very same thing. I was fighting a real battle. The one outside the church doors. THE ACTUAL battle. Fighting the smoke and mirrors out loud and in broad day light. I still am actually. No boasting there, nobody likes a braggart. It isn't a fun game in terms of winning and loosing. It's more deep rooted and secretive. Evil never really shows itself. It cloaks itself in the darkness and allows people to take the fall. It requires more communication on our part as humans to reveal what's really going on. I've learned that's the first thing to go in families. Communication. It seems to disappear the longer the family lives and the more people that marry into the family. It seems we believe things just "work themselves out".....or the other famous line "pick your battles". UM. I only know of one battle. The one between Good and Evil. All battles stem from that one. Therefore it requires us as people to keep the lines of communication open so we can bring to light all the passive aggressive evils that are lurking in the dark. It isn't "that" difficult. Unless like I have experienced your so far away from your own voice and who God has created you to be that staying quiet is just easier. I watched it in my own family my whole life. Even to this day we are incapable of working out our own issues for fear of failure. To me that's failure in itself. All we've done is reveal that we never knew God at all. We didn't understand his plan. We didn't read in depth the scripture to begin to connect to the reality of what he was warning us against. We bought into the religious spirit and began acting politically correct. BIG MISTAKE. We became chubby drones for the picking. We made it easy for the devil to deceive. Deception isn't easy to overcome, but it isn't impossible. We have no excuses for our behavior. We will answer for everything we do and say. That isn't a threat, it's just the truth. I wish we knew how the spirit of God would come in and strengthen us to be able to get through any trial. My prayer is that God will do a work within us to give over all control

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